Drawing smallHi! My name is Tanja and Welcome to Tanja’s Cooking Corner!
This blog is a chance for me to share recipes and related stuff with friends, family and anyone else who is interested… I’ve finally caved into pressure to write down and publish the recipes I’ve created or adapted over the years. Some of the recipes I post here are my own, others -mostly adapted- recipes are from other sources, from the internet, from newspapers, old and new cookbooks, from my old handwritten notes of recipes I have been collecting since I was a teenager (this will be noted then).
I have had a passion for cooking and baking all my life. My mother was the first inspiration (being a professional cook). I was standing in our kitchen, watching her making the most incredible dishes out of only few ingredients. I could watch for hours (yes, this really happened sometimes!), asking her millions of questions, and often she would let me “help” her. These were the beginnings of my kitchen adventures, which are continuing up to now! During my studies I was cooking for my student friends, in the summer holidays I was working in our family-run restaurant together with my mother, and now I  am writing this blog… Who knows where this will end.;)
I’d love to get your comments, feedback and general thoughts. If you try a recipe I’ve posted, I would love to hear how it turned out for you, if you’ve enjoyed it or how you adapted it. So if you have some thoughts to share on the blog or would like to say hi, please do leave comments or email me at tanjascookingcorner[at]yahoo[dot]com.
Thank you for visiting today and come back soon!

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