Buttermilk Pancakes with Raspberry Peach Jam Topping: My Guest Post on Give Recipe

I’m honored to be over at Give Recipe (my absolutely favourite turkish blog!!), guest blogging for Zerrin while she’s taking a break and spending precious time with her adorable baby Göktürk!

When thinking what I wanted to make for my guest post, I knew it had to be something for breakfast, and it had to be something with peaches, now that they are in season! So I made buttermilk pancakes, a family recipe, and combined them with delicous homemade peach raspberry jam that I have made two days before, made a syrup of it and served it with fresh fruit.  You can use any jam of you choice, and if you are curious to find out my recipe for raspberry peach jam, stay tuned, it will be up on my blog very soon!

When thinking about what I wanted to make for my guest post, I knew it had to be something to help t – See more at: http://www.askchefdennis.com/2012/04/pina-colada-cake-my-guest-post-at-savour-the-senses/#sthash.fX8j8x5V.dpuf

So head on over to Give Recipe, say Hello to Zerrin, grab a large cup of coffee and spend some time looking through her wonderfully inspiring posts with a large repertoire of Turkish cuisine, with its various and delicious dishes- and don’t forget to check out the recipe for my favorite Buttermilk Pancakes! Hope you like it!


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